All donations are tax deductible under the United States 501 (3)(c) charity Friends of Colina de Luz.

US Mail

PO BOX 2969




Make checks payable to "Friends of Colina de Luz". If you wish to designate your contribution, do not write it on your check, but enclose your wishes on a separate piece of paper. 


Don't forget to include your return address with your donation so we can mail you a receipt!

Electronic Donations



Our sponsorship program allows you to help contribute to the needs of a child here at Colina De Luz through monthly contributions, correspondance with the child, and blessing them with gifts on their birthday and Christmas. Your support also goes to provide the child with monthly spending money. For more information or to sponsor a child please contact us here

Other ways to support colina de luz


Do all of your shopping at and select "Friends of Colina de Luz" and a portion of your shopping goes to support the orphanage.


If you sell on Ebay you can choose to sell for charity and pick a portion of your proceeds to go to Colina De Luz. Find more information about this program here.

Real Estate

Buy or sell real estate through AARE and a portion goes to support Colina De Luz. Find more about this program here.


All donations are tax deductible under the United States 501 (3)(c) charity Friends of Colina de Luz.

FOOD ITEMS                          

Cooking oil, Canned fruit, Canned vegetables, any canned food, Cheese for nachos, Concentrated drink mix, Spaghetti, Spaghetti sauce, Tomato sauce, Peanut butter, Jam, Mayonnaise, Hot dogs, any food items



Boy's Boxer Underwear - size 4, 6, 8, 

small & medium men's for our older boys

Older girls underwear - sizes small and medium (hipsters)



Liquid glue, scissors, pencil sharpeners, geometry kit, etc.


Bar soap, Toilet paper, Lotion, Tooth paste, Shampoo, Deodorant, Liquid hand soap, Kotex, Soccer balls & uniforms

Office supplies, Trash bags (small and large), Vacuum, Shampoo, Liquid laundry soap (any "he" laundry soap), Bleach, Cleaners, Pine Sol, Mops, Mop bucket, Brooms, Finances, Good used vehicle (must be 2014 or newer to import)



Cough medication (Infants & Children’s)
Cold medicines (Infants & Children’s)
Children's Vitamins (Chewable)

Band-Aids, elastic bandages, tape

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss

Any meds for our free clinic –medical and dental supplies, etc.